As a wildlife biologist, conservationist, and outdoorsman, Mitch's life is full of the things we dreamt about while catching lizards in the backyard as children. Follow him on Instagram for a day and you'll see him in a helicopter looking for bird roosts, paddling past a wild gator, or rescuing a beached dolphin or whale.

Mitch's story is one that both entertains and educates.

Locations (tentative)

  • Big Bend Florida Marshes (Paddling/Hunting)
  • Gulf of Mexico (Paddling)
  • Place of employment (walking through woods/controlled fire burn).
  • Local Brewery
  • etc.


  • 3-7 Minute Branded Short Film
  • 10 Social Media Clips (15-60 Seconds)
  • Still photo assets
  • Logo for film


  • Production will last 2-3 days.
  • Production will consist of 2-3 crew members.
  • Cameras used: Dependent on partners' budget. Red Scarlet, Sony Fs7, Canon 1DX mark ii, Canon 5D/7D models, GoPros, etc.

Cost: $9k-$20k

  • Cost dependent on the following:
    • Production days/number of locations.
    • Number of deliverables.
    • Production crew size.
    • Camera package.


Help change the paradigm on the outdoorsman. Mitch's position is unique, in that he is both a Wildlife Biologist employed by the state of Florida, and a hunter/fisherman. His personal salary is funded by the licenses purchased by sportsman so that he can maintain and protect the wildlife around him and the wild lands of the area.


If you would like to move forward with or receive more information about this project, please contact Jacob Walker. This is a scalable project that can be shaped to fit within your brand and budget.

(210) 838-6474