It seems like the best crags are the ones in the middle of nowhere. We all know the stories about the rock star climbers who come into town climbing the most technical and challenging terrain.However, the story of the local dirtbag, or the dedicated community that preserved the land, often goes untold.

These places are worth fighting for. The dedicated climbers who make it possible have captivating stories to tell that will have you laughing, crying, cringing, and celebrating.


This project has a wide and variable price range, as it could be structured
as a short film, or as an ongoing web/streaming series.

Locations (tentative)

  • Buckey Knob - Boone, NC
  • Red River Gorge
  • North Dakota
  • Puerto Rico
  • etc.


  • Variable options depending on format.


  • Production will last 7 days.
  • Production will consist of 5 crew members.
  • Cameras used: Dependent on partners' budget. Red Scarlet, Sony Fs7, Canon 1DX mark ii, Canon 5D/7D models, GoPros, etc.

Cost: $49k-$99k

  • Cost dependent on the following:
    • Talent used (caliper of professional athletes and their costs).
    • Production days/number of locations.
    • Production crew size.
    • Camera package.
    • Travel.
    • Lodging (camping) expenses.


Not only can your brand be associated with with the positive impacts of telling the story of
these local heroes, but this format of storytelling builds brand loyalty and awareness.

If you would like to move forward with this project, please contact Jacob Walker.
This is a scalable project that can be shaped to fit within your brand and budget.

(210) 838-6474