Connecting with one another in a way that's only possible in the great outdoors, four service members embark on hunting trip together. Leaving the battlefield with stories of conflict and survival, these comrades find solace and purpose in the nature that surrounds them. Away from home up to 200+ days a year, our United States Special Forces service members make great sacrifices for our freedoms.

While preparing to send off to Syria, Iraq, or other locations, these men and women lack the time and resources to schedule a break or getaway in between their deployments. The highlight of this story is the non-profit organization, Special Ops Xcursions. Lead by Scott Graves, Spec Ops X makes a difference in the lives of these soldiers through fully guided small group hunts, fishing trips, shooting, and more.

Read more about Special Ops Xcursions here.

Locations/Schedule (tentative)

  • 1 Day at military instillation
  • 2-3 Days Duck Hunting or Fishing


  • 5-10 Minute Branded Short Film
  • Film Trailer
  • 5 Social Media Clips (15-60 Seconds)
  • Still photo assets
  • Logo for film


  • Production will last 3-5 days.
  • Production will consist of 2-3 crew members.
  • Cameras used: Dependent on partners' budget. Red Scarlet, Sony Fs7, Canon 1DX mark ii, Canon 5D/7D models, GoPros, etc.

Cost: $15k-$30k

  • Cost dependent on the following:
    • Production days/number of locations.
    • Number of deliverables.
    • Production crew size.
    • Camera package.


If you would like to move forward with or receive more information about this project, please contact Jacob Walker. This is a scalable project that can be shaped to fit within your brand and budget.
(210) 838-6474